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August 4, 1920

The already uncertain chances of Tennessee ratifying the Susan B. Anthony (woman suffrage) Amendment decreased today as Republican Presidential nominee Warren G. Harding said he was not presently willing to get involved in pressuring his fellow party members there to vote "yes." With only five days left until the
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August 3, 1920

Is Tennessee about to become the 36th and final State needed to ratify the Susan B. Anthony (woman suffrage) Amendment? Or will it fail to ratify, and if North Carolina is lost as well, will this month turn out to be a major setback for our cause, ending any chance for millions of women in non-suffrage States to
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August 1, 1911

An American woman has now joined the ranks of licensed aeroplane pilots ! Early this morning, Harriet Quimby earned License #37 from the Aero Club of America, an affiliate of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale. This is the first license the Aero Club has issued to a female pilot in its six-year history.
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