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A Grand Thank You: 2015 Campaign Launch

A Grand Thank You: 2015 Campaign Launch

2015 Campaign:

A “Grand” Thank You;
Memorialize the Suffragists

Thank you so very much for helping raise the initial funds for the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial. You have taken on a most important role to ensure that we properly honor the suffragists who knew extraordinary steps were needed to win the vote and were willing to put their lives on the line to ensure victory. This campaign is targeted to raise $1 million dollars by this fall so that we can begin Phase 1 of the memorial. Our goal is to enlist a-thousand people to donate a-thousand dollars by November.

We have a collection of materials available on the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial website (www.suffragistmemorial.org) that might prove useful, i.e. memorial design information, suffragist history, details about TPSMA. We will also have regular Webinars to provide you information, update progress and answer questions. In return, we will share your reports of progress and activities. We will also maintain your contact information in our database.

Please do not hesitate to email admin@suffragistmemorial.org or call 703-967-6887 if you have questions.

How it works

1.  Starting with people you know, determine those (women or men) who may support our cause, contact them, acquaint them with the project, and ask for a $1,000 contribution.

2.  If they offer more, great. If they offer less, that’s fine too – we gladly accept any donation. If they want someone on the TPSMA Board to contact them, pass their contact information to us and we will follow up immediately.

3.  They can contribute online and will be asked to fill out the donor form. If they prefer to write a check, they can mail it along with a scanned copy of the donor form to:  Administrative Director, Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Assoc., 5400 Ox Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039.

4.  If the donation is made online, the Treasurer or Administrative Director will immediately email you — the requestor — a notice of receipt so that you can send a personal thank you letter. The donor will also receive a thank you letter or email from us.

5.  Please ask donors for the names of other potential donors. Also, let them know we welcome any comments.

In addition to asking for donations from individuals or corporations please consider asking groups (community clubs and associations). A group would:

1.  Decide on a group name (Group ID) for our tracking purposes. An alternative option would be to set up a fundraising account for the Group through our Razoo Fundraising Page: http://www.razoo.com/story/Turning-Point-Suffragist-Memorial.

2.  Schedule a meeting or special party that either you or a friend could host to raise the $1,000 from the group. Some suggestions:

3.  Spread the word and let invitees know that you are raising funds to honor the suffragists.

4.  Present the history and the case, e.g., show HBO’s Iron Jawed Angels, or another video from our website, and discuss the project and its uniqueness. Let guests know about the deadline for the initial million dollar goal.

5.  Ask for donations online or by check. If the total will be $1,000 or more, decide how the group should be listed at the memorial. If anyone wishes to pay online using our website, rather than setting up an account with Razoo, they will need to type the chosen Group ID in the comment section: under “If you are donating as part of a club or group, please indicate that name here.” The Group ID should also be written on the memo line of each check to ensure proper tracking and group credit. Please also list names and amounts for each donor on the donor form and send that to us.

6.  We will need the name, mailing and email address for each person in order to send the required thank you letter for tax purposes.

Tips and suggestions

Don’t be discouraged by rejection. You may find your friends who can afford the donation will not choose to participate or view it was a priority.

Don’t make potential donors feel as if you are asking for a personal favor; instead let them know that they can be part of a legacy project.

Make the case to potential donors in any way that suits you and the potential donor.

Listen for how potential donors respond and what they say. Given them time to react and ask questions.

Always thank the potential donor for their time!

Whether or not the potential donor contributes, always ask if they can suggest others who may be interested.

Important information and documents

Activity timeline

Sample thank you letter

Donation form