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August 25, 1920

PHOTO: Tennessee's certificate of ratification
As Alice Paul and other National Woman’s Party stalwarts hold one last vigil tonight, the final victory for the Susan B. Anthony (woman suffrage) Amendment appears to be at hand. Despite the dogged determination of opponents to fight to the bitter end, the last obstacle to Secretary of State Colby proclaiming that
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August 24, 1920

A surprise - and major - victory this morning, as the legal tangle holding up certification of Tennessee's ratification of the suffrage amendment was finally broken! The attention of both sides in the suffrage fight had been focused on preparing for an upcoming hearing some time later this week in the Chancery
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August 23, 1920

The Nashville offices of the National Woman's Party and the National American Woman Suffrage Association, which only a week ago were jammed to capacity and open at nearly all hours, are now virtually empty. The vast majority of suffrage workers have happily gone back to their home States following Tennessee's
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August 22, 1920

Four days have now passed since Tennessee became the 36th and final State needed to turn the Susan B. Anthony (woman suffrage) Amendment into what is now the 19th Amendment, and suffrage leaders are so confident that the formal proclamation of ratification by U.S. Secretary of State Colby will soon be forthcoming
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August 21, 1920

Last-ditch battles are by their very nature desperate, so it shouldn't be any surprise that anti-suffrage forces are outdoing themselves in their attempts to put up roadblocks to certification and implementation of the 19th (woman suffrage) Amendment. The first of two offensives began just after midnight, when 37
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August 17, 1920

Anxiety remains extremely high in suffrage campaign offices here in Nashville tonight because there was no vote on ratifying the Susan B. Anthony (woman suffrage) Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by the Tennessee House today. But four hours of intensely bitter debate shows that legislators on both sides know
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