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August 21, 1920

Last-ditch battles are by their very nature desperate, so it shouldn't be any surprise that anti-suffrage forces are outdoing themselves in their attempts to put up roadblocks to certification and implementation of the 19th (woman suffrage) Amendment. The first of two offensives began just after midnight, when 37
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August 17, 1920

Anxiety remains extremely high in suffrage campaign offices here in Nashville tonight because there was no vote on ratifying the Susan B. Anthony (woman suffrage) Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by the Tennessee House today. But four hours of intensely bitter debate shows that legislators on both sides know
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August 16, 1920

Another shocking setback for the campaign to ratify the Susan B. Anthony (woman suffrage) Amendment in Tennessee, the 36th and final State needed to put it into the U.S. Constitution. Without any explanation or warning signs, 5 out of 7 members of the Davidson County (Nashville) delegation of the Tennessee House
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August 14, 1920

The suffrage campaign stayed at high intensity today despite the fact that it's Saturday, and the Tennessee Legislature won't be back in session until Monday. Following the State Senate's approval yesterday, only a roll-call vote in the House is now needed to make this State the 36th and final one necessary to
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