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Lillian Ascough

Lillian Ascough of Detroit, Mich., served as the Connecticut State Chairman of the National Womens Party. She studied for the concert stage in London and Paris. But she abandoned the concert stage to devote time to suffrage. She was sentenced to fifteen days in jail in August of 1918, following a Lafayette Square
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Lucy Ewing

Lucy Ewing, of Chicago, Illinois was the Chairman of the National Woman’s Party, who served a thirty day sentence in the Government Workhouse at Occoquan for holding a banner in front of the Executive Mansion, demanding the enfranchisement of women. She was niece of Adlai Stevenson, vice president of the U.S.
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Kate Heffelfinger

Kate Heffelfinger, of Shamokin, Pennsylvania, was an art student and NWP activist. She was sentenced to six months in District Jail for picketing Oct. 15, 1917; another month was later added to her sentence for a previous offense. In August 1918, she was sentenced to 15 days for participating in a Lafayette Square
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