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Descendants and Relatives of Suffragists: We Need Your Help

Do you have a suffragist in YOUR family tree? We want to hear all about them!  TPSMA is gathering family stories, histories, memorabilia, and any other information related to the struggle to win the right to vote.  Our goal is to educate the public about these brave suffragists and we need your input to create a rich information base for the kiosks in the memorial. To share your stories and/or information please contact the Descendants Committee: Descendants@suffragistmemorial.org.

Descendants or Relatives We Know

We are also especially interested in information on suffragists on the list below who were arrested and/or imprisoned at either the Occoquan Workhouse in Lorton, Virginia, or in the D.C. Jail in Washington, D.C., in 1917.  They will be remembered with special plaques within the memorial.  If you have any information on these suffragists, please send to the Descendants committee at Descendants@suffragistmemorial.org.

Suffragists arrested and/or imprisoned in 1917:

Abbott, Minnie

Adams, Pauline (Forstall Colclough)

Ainge, Mary

Amidon, Beulah

Arneil, Annie (Melvin)

Arnold, Virginia

Baker, Abby Scott

Barnes, Nellie

Bartlett, Dorothy (Jones)

Blumberg, Hilda

Branham, Lucy (Gwynne)

Brannan, Eunice

Brown, Mary E.

Burns, Lucy

Butterworth, Emily DuBois

Calderhead, Iris

Calnan, Eleanor

Chisholm, Annie 

Coleman, Eleanore

Cosu, Alice

Crocker, Gertrude

Crocker, Ruth

Daniels, Lucy

Day, Dorothy

Dixon, Edna

Dock, Lavina (Lloyd)

Emory, Julia

Ewing, Lucy

Findeisen, Ella

Fisher, Katherine

Flanagan, Catherine

Fotheringham, Janet

Fotheringham, Margaret

Gardner, Matilda (Hall)

Gram, Alice

Gram, Myrtle

Gray, Natalie

Green, Frances

Griener, Gladys

Guenter, Anna

Hamilton, Elizabeth

Hara, Ernestine

Heffelfinger, Kate

Henesy, Minnie

Hillies, Florence (Bayard)

Hopkins, Alison (Turnbull)

Hornsby, Louise

Hurlbut, Julia

Ingham, Mary

Jackson, Bertha

Jacobi, Paula

Jamison, Maud

Johns, Peggy (Baird)

Juengling, Amy

Kendell, Ada (Davenport)

Kessler, Margaret (Wood)

Kinkead, Beatrice (Reynolds)

Kruger, Hattie

Lewis, Dora

Lincoln, Kathryn

Malone, Maude

Martin, Annie

Mayo, Louise (Parker)

McShane, Elizabeth

Milholland, Vida

Morey, Agnes

Morey, Katherine

Neal, Leah (Annie Arniel)

Nolan, Mary

Paul, Alice

Quay, Mary “Minnie

Reyneau, Betsy (Graves)

Roberston, Lovern

Rogers, Elizabeth (Selden)

Samorodin, Nina

Scott, Phoebe (Persons)

Sheinberg, Belle

Shields, Lucille

Short, Mary

Spencer, Caroline

Stafford, Kate

Stevens, Doris

Stuyvesant, Elizabeth

Vernon, Mabel

Walker, Amelia “Mimi” (Hines)

Watson, Madeleine

Weed, Helen (Hill)

Week, Cora

Whitcomb, Cammille G

Whittemore, Margaret

Wiley, Anna K. (Kelton)

Winslow, Rose

Winsor, Mary

Young, Joy

Young, Matilda