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Felice Cohn (1884-1961)

Felice Cohn (1884-1961)

  • Source: https://suffrage100nv.org/suffragist-biographies/felice-cohn/

    Source: https://suffrage100nv.org/suffragist-biographies/felice-cohn/

    Felice Cohn was born in Carson City, Nevada and graduated from Washington Law School.

  • Cohn was one Nevada’s first women lawyers, admitted to the bar in 1902 and began practicing law at age 18.
  • She was admitted to the California bar in 1908 and the Supreme Court bar in 1916 as the fourth woman with that distinction. She was the first female assistant attorney general in the state from 1911 to 1912.
  • Cohn’s first law cases involved land and mining claims and issues.
  • Cohn assisted in founding the State Equal Franchise Society and was the legislative committee chair in 1911. It was through this position that Cohn wrote Nevada’s suffrage bill and led the lobbying effort needed to get it passed in 1913.
  • She assisted with founding the Non-Militant Suffrage Society (no parades and demonstrations as a way to bring change) and the Nevada Voter’s Club.
  • Quote during the Nevada suffrage resolution: “There shall be no denial of the elective franchise at any election on account of sex.”