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This page contains articles that have been published in newspapers and magazines about The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial or the Association. 

Remembering the Silent Sentinels of 1917

Patricia Depew Wirth’s column for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

A women’s suffrage memorial is going up in Lorton with a piece of White House fence

TPSM featured on ABC7.

Virginia Suffragists Battled for the Ballot Box

An article in Boomer magazine.

Suffragist Demonstrators First Before White House Fence

An article in The Blue View.

Turning Point Suffragist Memorial: One For the Her-Story Books

An article from the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) on the groundbreaking and memorial. 

Voting rights national memorial breaks ground

Fairfax County Times article on the recent groundbreaking.

First National Suffragist Memorial Breaks Ground

The Connection article on the recent groundbreaking.

New suffragist memorial to open in Fairfax Co. recalls ‘Night of Terror’

WTOP reports on the recent groundbreaking.

Memorial Honors Suffragists Who Fought for the Right to Vote

NBC Washington reports on the recent groundbreaking.

Women’s Suffrage Memorial Breaks Ground In Northern Virginia

In this article from WAMU, they mention the recent groundbreaking for the memorial.

From a Marker to a Memorial

In this article for the Zebra in Alexandria, Glenda Booth writes “Across the land, marble and bronze men sit atop stallions, charge across battlefields, and perch on pedestals. ‘You can go into D.C. and see monuments to men who did nothing more than lead a charge up a hill,’ says Houser. ‘You cannot find even a plaque to the women who enfranchised 25 million. The story needs to be told.’ Of the nation’s over 5,000 outdoor statues honoring historical figures, fewer than 400 recognize women.”

A Century of Struggle Remembered: AARP Helps Celebrate the Women’s Suffrage Movement 

In its June 2019 issue of The Magazine, AARP promotes the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial and its mission.

Women who don’t vote? Explain yourselves to Grandma Flanagan.

Petula Dvorak writes, “If you’re a woman and you can’t be bothered to vote in this election, then you owe Patricia McDonald an explanation. And an apology. Her grandmother, Catherine Flanagan, was 26 and on vacation in Washington when she was shot at, arrested, beaten, brutalized, humiliated and fed maggots and lice because she joined a bunch of protesters at the White House.”

Politicians beware: Crossing women comes at a hefty cost

TPSM National Board Member Barbara Berenson writes, “Angry women and their male allies should take inspiration from a largely forgotten chapter of Massachusetts electoral history. One hundred years ago, women in the state, despite lacking the vote, were agents of change on Election Day. They orchestrated the defeat of Sen. John Wingate Weeks, a Republican who opposed women’s suffrage. In the process, they showed women across the nation how to hold men accountable for their actions toward women. As one suffragist put it, men could no longer expect to ‘knife women without reprisal.'”

Turning Point Suffragist Memorial To Be Built at Occoquan Regional Park

Steve Hibbard of the Connection writes, “On Saturday, Sept. 15, Patricia Depew Wirth told 40 members and guests of AAUW Springfield-Annandale branch at Kings Park Library in Burke that the memorial will contain various elements that all have a basis in suffragist history.”

This Group of Women Is Building A Women’s Suffrage Memorial In Virginia

Rachel Kaufman of DCist writes “Unless you’re a historian, a fan of cheesy time-travel procedurals, or particularly interested in women’s suffrage, your knowledge of the 19th Amendment might start and end with Susan B. Anthony. Maybe you also remember some other names: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells.”

Remembering a Turning Point for Feminism

In this blog post for Ms. Magazine, Glenda Booth writes “Suffragists were pioneer #MeToo-ers: gutsy, fair-minded foremothers who stood up to abusive men, took to the streets, spoke out and righted wrongs.”

‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’: Commission for Women celebrates 2018 honorees at Women’s History Month reception.

In this article for the Connection Newspapers, Andrea Worker writes about the Fairfax County’s Commission for Women 2018 honorees for Women’s History Month.

A Statue to Erect, Not Tear Down

In this article for US News, Jean Card writes of her support for TPSMA’s goal to raise enough money to erect a statue and small park, close to Washington, D.C., that would memorialize the imprisonment and shackling of a group of suffragettes in 1917 for picketing the White House and demanding the right to vote.

Suffragist Memorial in Lorton Will be a ‘Site of Conscience’

By Abigail Constantino The Connection The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association held a viewing of the 2004 film “Iron Jawed Angels” directed by Katja von Garnier on Wednesday, Aug. 26 at Gunston Hall in Lorton. The 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote was ratified on this day 95 years ago in 1920. The date is designated as Women’s Equality Day.

Going to Jail for the Right to Vote, History Forgotten or History Ignored?

By Glenda C. Booth, was published in The Piedmont Virginian,  Summer 2015, available here by permission.  Visit Piedmont Virginian and follow on Facebook.  Many thanks to Glenda Booth for writing the excellent article on the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial.

Turning Point Suffragist Memorial

Robert E. Beach Architects, LLC, written and published in AIA Northern Virginia Newsletter,  July-August. It talks about the Memorial from the Architect’s perspective.

Business Women, Why you Should care.

By Patricia D Wirth, Executive Director of the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association, published in Loudoun Woman Magazine, May/June, Dorri Scott publisher.  It gives the vision for the planned memorial and why business women should support it.

The Jean Pool, Packard honored through Occoquan Regional Part facelift.

By Tim Peterson,
The Connection, published in the Fairfax Station, Clifton, Lorton Connection, October 9-15, 2014. The article shows TPSMA founder, Jane Barker, participating and in the ground breaking for the Jean R. Packard Occoquan Center and mentions plans for the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial in the park.