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Suffragists in Arkansas

Hattie Wyatt Caraway, Unknown City: Widow of Arkansas senator became the first women elected to the US Senate after women’s suffrage.

Florence Brown Cotnam, Little Rock: Vice President of Arkansas Woman Suffrage Association. Reorganized AWSA into the Arkansas Equal Suffrage Central Committee,  which which worked with political parties. Arkansas ratified the 19th Amendment in July 1919.

Mrs T. Cotnam, Unknown City: Member of the Arkansas Flying Squadron (AFS), went to New York City to organize for women’s suffrage, 1915. President of the Little Rock Political Equality League (LRPEL).

Mrs. O.F. Ellington, Unknown City: President of American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA) and Secretary of the Southern States Women’s Suffrage Association (SSWSA). Member of the AFS. Went to New York City to help organize for women’s suffrage in 1915.

Eliza (“Lizzie”) A. Dorman Fyler, Eureka Springs: Formed first Arkansas Woman Suffrage Association in 1881.

Clara McDiarmid, Little Rock: Led Arkansas Woman Suffrage Association.

Gertrude Watkins, Unknown City: VP, LRPEL, Chairman of Literature for the Little Rock Political Equality League. Went to New York City as a member of the AFS to help organize in 1915.