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Suffragists in Montana

Ota E. (Stapleton) Cummings, Billings: President of both the Political Equity League and the Young Women’s Christian Association and participated in the states successful state suffrage campaign.

Hazel Hunkins, Billings: Aided Lucy Burns when she had to take over NWP chairman role when Alice Paul became ill in 1917.

Mary E. O’Neill, Butte: She was one of the primary writers for the state’s suffrage newspaper, the Suffrage Daily News, which started in 1914. She also served as Jeannette Rankin’s head publicist for the successful 1914 Montana suffrage campaign.  That same year, she was elected the press secretary for the Montana Equal Suffrage Association.

Jeanette Rankin, Unknown City: While at the University of Washington, joined suffrage campaign that gave women in Washington the right to vote in 1910. Ran and won congressional seat from Montana, member of NWP, supported suffrage amendment in Congress.

Jessie (Sloane) Thompson, Bozeman:  May 2, 1914, she along with Mary Stewart and Jeannette Rankin, spoke about suffrage topics on the Missoula courthouse steps.