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Suffragists in Ohio

Florence E. Allen, Cleveland: Active in the Women Suffrage Party. In 1911, Allen visited 66 of Ohio’s 88 counties, speaking before farmers’ groups and unions. She fundraised for the effort and helped collect petitions to put women’s suffrage on the Ohio ballot.

Hallie Quinn Brown, Wilberforce: Skilled public speaker who spoke about civil rights, temperance and women’s suffrage. Brown helped found the National League of Colored Women in 1896, which joined others in 1896 to become the National Association of Colored Women. 

Eliza Archard Conner, New Richmond: A journalist, she also served as chairman for the executive committee of the Women’s Press Club and was an active member in New York’s Sorosis.

Mary Belle Grossman, Cleveland: Supported Cleveland’s suffrage movement, a lawyer and feminist activist after suffrage.

Belle Sherwin, Cleveland:During the 1912 campaign for the Ohio suffrage amendment, Sherwin was one of hundreds of suffragists who gave soap-box speeches while being heckled by anti-suffragists.

Pauline Steinem, Seattle: The grandmother of the well-known feminist leader Gloria Steinem (b. 1934), gave the report of the Committee on Education at the National American Woman Suffrage Association Convention in Seattle on July 6, 1909. President of Ohio Woman Suffrage Association.

Harriet Taylor Upton, Warren: Led Ohio Woman Suffrage Association and organized suffrage parade of over 5,000 supporters in Columbus in 1912 before special election on suffrage. Led Ohio suffrage campaigns in 1912 and 1914.

Bettie Wilson, Cincinnati: Officer of the Hamilton County Suffrage Association.