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Suffragists in Indiana

Nellie Barnes, Indianapolis: Officer of NWP Indiana Branch.

Lucille A. Calmes, Princeton: Government worker during WWI. Participated in Watchfire demonstration in 1919, jailed for five days.

Helen M. (Jackson) Cougar, Lafayette:  1894 attempted to vote but was denied and brought suit against the election board.  She was a speaker for both the Equal Suffrage Association and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.  She traveled to Kansas to lead an effort to draft a municipal suffrage bill, which became state law in 1887.

Eliza Carol (Morgan) Hendricks, Indianapolis: first president of Indianapolis Woman’s Club, which supported the national effort to secure voting rights for women.

Ida H. (Husted) Harper, Terre Haute: She helped organized Equal Suffrage Association of Indianapolis. She was in charge of press relations for National American Woman Suffrage Association. She collaborated with Susan B. Anthony on the 4thvolume of History of Woman Suffrage and published the 5thand 6thvolumes in 1922.

May (Wright) Thompson Sewall, Indianapolis:  She helped organize Equal Suffrage Association of Indianapolis.

Zerelda Gray (Sanders) Wallace, Indianapolis: Popular speaker for temperance and suffrage.  She was President of both Equal Suffrage Society of Indianapolis and Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Indiana.

Amanda M. Way, WinchesterElizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony dubbed her the “mother of ‘The Woman Suffrage Association’ in Indiana” for her early leadership and efforts in initiating the first women’s rights convention in the state.