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Note: Charter Members are identified in blue font and with an asterisk (*) by their name)

Alice Paul Society ($750,000 or more)

Fairfax County (Replica White House Gates Naming Rights)

Mary Church Terrell Society ($100,000 or more)

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Emily and Fred McCoy (Sponsor of Suffragist Commemorative Wall)*
Procter & Gamble
Adarsh and Ranvir Trehan, League of Women Voters FA
Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission

Inez Milholland Society ($50,000 or more)

Margaret and William R. Hearst III

Ida B. Wells-Barnet Society ($25,000 or more)

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation

Ratification Society ($10,000 or more)

League of Women Voters Education Fund
National Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America
National Woman’s Party
Nancy E. Tate*
Patricia and Jerry Wirth*

Watchfire Society ($5,000 or more)

The Barakauskas Family
Dr. Sidney Bland*
Edward Bortnick                
Patrick Butler
Marjorie Cook Foundation
C.W. Allen Leases LLC
Jen Dalton
Fairfax County Convention and Visitors Corporation (Visit Fairfax)
GFWC California Federation of Women’s Clubs
GFWC Wisconsin
Jere Gibber* and J.G. Harrington
Carole and Philip Herrick
IDI Project Management, LC
Valarie Kaiser, Kaiser Financial Solutions
Lia LaPiana
Edie Mayo, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Am History*
Gwen & Jerome Paulson Charitable Fund
Annette and Robert Pizzimenti, Accounting 101 LLC
Nancy Sargeant*
Virginia NOW
Su Webb, Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum*

Friend ($1,000 or more)

Anne Aakre
AAUW Mount Vernon (VA) Branch
AAUW Springfield-Annandale Book Groups
Jessica Abrahams
Air Force Officers’ Spouses’ Club of Washington DC
Alexandria (VA) NOW
Alcoa Warrick Operation
Maryse Allen, Compton & Duling, L.C.*
Patricia Allgaier-Molz
Supervisor Ruth M. Anderson, PWC
Hala Ayala
Mary Elizabeth G. Baker
Paul & Helen Baldino
Carol Barbe
Jane Barker*
Celia Barteau
Robert and Marty Beach, Robert E. Beach Architects, LLC
Cheryl Settlemyer Beebe and Florence Miller Welty
Candice Bennett and Tom Hewitt*
Bet Aviv Sisterhood Columbia Maryland
Dr. Johnetta Betsch. Cole, National Council of Negro Women, Inc.
Lucy Birch
Elaine Blaylock
Ellen Boneparth
Deborah Borton
Rebecca H. Borton
Glenda Booth,* In memory of Mildred Simmons Booth, Nancy Taylor Meador Simmons, and Eva Mae Aylor Booth
Kristina Bouweiri, Reston Limousine
Wendy Anne Bowler
Janet Braunstein
Mary Ellen Brock, GFWC International President 2018-2020
Wini Bruening
Kristin Cabral, daughters Jacqueline Beaulieu and Laura Beaulieu — Equality, Peace & New Jersey
Lucy Calautti
Stair Calhoun
Candace Campbell
Kathryn Campbell
Wendy J. Carriker, GFWC 2018-20 Secretary
Kathryn B. Carter
Susan Elizabeth Carter
Charlottesville NOW
Jessica Clark and Doug Zimmerman
Nancy Clark, GFWC Taunton/Raynham Jr Woman’s Club (MA)
Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
Susan Barker Clem
Clifton Community Woman’s Club 
E. Tyna Coles
Lamar Collier
Monica Condon
Alisa Cook-Roehs, In memory of Lucy Stensland Laederich, FAWCO
Margaret and Robert P. J. Cooney, Jr.
John Coursen and Nancy Caputo Coursen
Sophie Cowan, In honor of Sophie Gooding Meredith, Chairman of the Virginia Branch of the National Womans Party
Lynda Crouse, Troutman Sanders LLP
Dr. Raymond Cuevo and Mrs. Margaret Martin
Molly Culhane
Thelma Thomas Daley
Laura d’All
Elizabeth Dean
Jeanne M. Defliese
Maureen Devine
Margaret Detwiler
Janice Dixon
Linda Douglass
Raissa Downs, in Honor of her mother, Elizabeth Geary
Judy Duffy, League of Women Voters
Dulles Chamber of Commerce
Patricia A. Dunn
Diana Egozcue
Eleanor Brackenridge Literary Club – Edna, TX
Executive Women’s Roundtable, Inc.
Fairfax County Chapter NSDAR
Fairfax County Historical Commission
Kathryn Falk
FAWCO, In Memory of Lucy Stensland Laederich, FAWCO.
FAWCO, Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, Inc.
The Honorable Dianne Feinstein, US Senate
Betty Marie Fields, In memory of Lillian Smith Blackwell, friend, and Civil Rights Trail Blazer
Mary Hill Finger
Robin and Tom Finnell
Leslie and W. Anthony Fitch, In Honor of Elisabeth Griffith
Flood, Barnes, McIlvaine, Pierson, Rowse, Taylor, Williams, Sweeney
Julie Ann Floyd
Amy Forss
Franklin Philanthropic Foundation
Dr. Jo Freeman
Wendy Frieman
Amy Fries and Mark Eisenhower
Front Royal (Virginia) Women’s Resource Center
Madhu Garlanka
Lynne Garvey-Hodge*
Gregg & Cynthia Geis
General Federation of Women’s Clubs
General Federation of Women’s Clubs (2016-2018 Board of Directors)
General Federation of Women’s Clubs Arizona, Inc.
General Federation of Women’s Clubs, New England Region
GFWC Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Connecticut
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Connecticut North Central District
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Connecticut Southwest District
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Connecticut-Woman’s Club of Norwalk Connecticut
GFWC Delaware State Federation of Women’s Clubs
GFWC Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs
GFWC Maine
GFWC Marlborough Junior Woman’s Club (Massachusetts)
GFWC Massachusetts Women and Junior Women’s Clubs
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Massachusetts
General Federation of Women’s Clubs Miami, Florida
GFWC Middle Atlantic Region
General Federation of Women’s Clubs New Hampshire
GFWC North Little Rock Woman’s Club, AR
GFWC Northboro JWC
GFWC-Oshkosh Women’s Arts Club
General Federation of Women’s Clubs – Rhinelander Woman’s Club
GFWC Shelby’s Stars, In Memory of Shelby P. Hamlett, GFWC International President 2000-2002
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of South Carolina (GFWC-SC)
GFWC Stone Mountain Woman’s Club
GFWC Taunton/Raynham Jr Woman’s Club (MA)
GFWC of Tennessee
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Virginia
GFWC Wi-Northern Lights District
GFWC-WI-Northwoods District
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Wyoming, Inc.
Marykate Gennis
Charlotte Gibson
Frankie Hoover Gibson
Sue Gier
Laura and Paul Gilbert
Patricia Gillam-Calarco-Isaacson, In memory of my grandmother, Eleanor Burkitt Gillam and her daughters Katherine and Eleanor
Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital
Karen Gladding
Dr. Diana Glaze, GFWC President, AR
Cathryn Goedert
Ellen Goldberg in Memory of the two most influential women in my life, Anne Goldberg and Ilona Haendel
Susan Sachs Goldman*
The Goode Family in memory of Martha Goode Pasfield
Mary H. Grant*
Greater Williamsburg Women’s Business Council
Carol B. Green
Thomas Greeson, In Honor of Catherine Read
Dr. Elisabeth Griffith*
Erin Grunze
Paula Guerrein*
Cort Gunther, Kathleen Coursen Gunther, Grant Gunther and Mason Gunther
The Honorable Katherine Keith Hanley
Carrie Harrison
Bradley and Melissa Harshman
Heart Sing Foundation
The Helfrich Family Fund
Hilaire Henthorne, Passionate Purpose Coaching*
Heritage Hunt Women’s Organization
Olga Hernandez
Charniele Herring, Virginia House of Delegates
Dr. Robert Hieronimus
Zohara Hieronimus, Hieronimus and Company
Jane Hilder*
Amy Hjerstedt
Holmes & Costing
John and Nancy Houser
Senator Janet Howell
The Ida B. Wells Memorial Foundation
Darlene Jacob
Lynette James
Coline Jenkins
Anne Hale Johnson*
David Johnson
Marlene Johnson
Dottie Joslin, American Association of University Women
H.B. Juengling, In Honor of Amy Juengling, My Grand Aunt
Nancy Blagg Kalinowski, in honor of my feminist mother, Esther Wright Blagg (1914-1984)
Kansas City Athenaeum
Kate Waller Barrett Chapter NSDAR
Mike and Louise Kenny
Kathleen Kies
James Kirkpatrick, In Honor of his wife, Sandra A. Kirkpatrick
Robert Klonowski
Lucille, Elaine and Theresa Kolish
Sandy Kozel, Associated Press
Frances Bonnie Kyte
Elizabeth Larson, In Memory of Mollie V. Pepper
League of Woman Voters of Alabama
League of Women Voters of Arlington
League of Women Voters of Colorado
League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area (OH)
League of Women Voters of D.C.
League of Women Voters of Hawaii
League of Woman Voters of Illinois
League of Woman Voters of Indiana Education Fund
League of Women Voters of Johnson County Kansas
League of Women Voters of Kansas
League of Women Voters of Loudoun County
League of Women Voters of Maryland
League of Woman Voters of Missouri
League of Woman Voters of Moscow, Idaho
League of Women Voters of Orange Coast
League of Woman Voters of San Luis Obispo, Inc.
League of Woman Voters of South Carolina
League of Women Voters of South Dakota
League of Women Voters of South Hampton Roads
League of Women Voters of Tennessee
League of Woman Voters of the United States
League of Woman Voters of Whittier (CA)
League of Women Voters of Williamsburg VA
Denise Lee, in loving memory of my mother, Mrs. Eloise L. Williams, role model and inspiration for me, my sisters, family, and friends. She inspired me to be a strong leader in fighting for women’s rights, deeply and forever thankful.
Dr. Scotti Lee, in loving memory of Marsha Lee
The Letourneau & Calnen Families, GFWC/CT
Gary and Myra Lindsey*
Vicki Lipnic, EEOC
Ruthann La Moreaux Litchford, For the Family
Elizabeth Lonoff
Loudoun Conservatives Care
Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club
Michele Dandrea Lowell Charitable Trust
Alexandra MacCracken
Julie Mangis, In honor of Edith P. Mayo
Mary Pat Marcello
Robert C. Marlay
Sharon Mason, Lorton Arts Foundation
Shirley Brabender Mattox
Kay Maxwell
John Tepper Marlin
Shirley Marshall
Pam McCoach*
Emily McCoy, In Honor of Senator Linda “Toddy” Puller
Georgia Sideris McCoy
Michael Thomas McCoy
Thomas Owen McCoy
Patricia McDonald*
Deborah McGinn, Honors the Strong Women in Her Family
Laura McKie, in honor of my daughter, Karin McKie
Jean E. McLaughlin
McLean Area Branch of the American Association of University Women
Susan S Mekenney
Stacy Meadows*
Doris Meissner
The Metis Group, LLC
Cindy Miley
Senator Emilie F. Miller, Etta Senese Feiza, Desireé M. Miller, and Veronica M. Naranjo
Thomas Moffitt In loving recognition of Vickishort Moffitt
Jan and Howard Molino
Paula Monopoli, In memory of Anna Ryan and Santa Monopoli
Montclair Women’s Club
Mooney Charitable Trust
Mary R. Morgan
David and Karen Morris
COL Tom, Pam and The Mortenson Family
Mount Vernon Unitarian Church
Michelle Mueller, Fairfax County
Caitlin P. Mullen, In Honor of Virginia Oshier Mullen
Kimberly Nagy
National Association of Commissions for Women
NAWBO Institute
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Bill of Rights Chapter
Nelly Custis Chapter NSDAR
Johanna Neuman Libby
Jane Newell – Addition of Equal Rights Amendment to U.S. Constitution
New England Business Professional Women Past State Presidents’ Association
New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs of GFWC
Brenda Joyce Fisher Norwood: The most beautiful thing worn is Confidence! In 1913, 22 Black Women, founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. marched in solidarity, confident that they could make a change. A change for the betterment of all women!
Tonya Trisehele Norwood: In 1913, 22 black women, founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. marchedin solidarity, but not in unity with the suffrage movement. May we continue to move forward in unity, knowing we are stronger and wiser together.
Lani Ochs
Thomas Ondra, In memory of Tufanua Rosita Ondra (16 Feb 1957 – 25 Dec 1999)
Monica T. O’Neill
Kathleen Pablo*
Lois and Ron Page, League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area and League of Women Voters Virginia*
Dr. Elisabeth Palmer-Johnson*
Lois Passman, American Association of University Women
Pamela Passman, Sarah and Emily Guinee
Wendy J Paulson
Valerie Perlowitz*
Pamela B. Perraud
Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated
Charlotte Pirch
Tracy Pless
The Honorable Earnie Porta, First Virginia Realty
Elisabeth Scott Porter*
Prince William Marine Sales, Inc
The Honorable Linda (Toddy) Puller
Mary Quinn
Eleanor A. Richards
Lynda Robb
Shaunagh G Robbins*
Cokie Roberts
Rebecca Roberts
Christine Robinson, in Honor of American Association of University Women
Sonja Nichole Robinson: In honor of the 22 Black Women Founder of the illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., who thought it not strange to challenge inequity, become symbols for innovation, and stand for the rights of others.
Occoquan River Communities, Inc.
Lynn Roper
Suzanne Rothwell
Marilyn & Emanuel Rouvelas
Rowan Tree
Don and Carolyn Rude, In honor of Lois and Ron Page and Martha Rollins
The Rust Foundation
Shirley Sandelands
Dorri C. Scott and Cloria B. Scott
Sandy Spring Bank
Dee Ann R. Schmidt, Eleanor D. Schmidt, & Bridget Schmidt Shepard*
Rhea S. Schwartz & Paul Martin Wolff, In loving memory of our mothers Linda R. Schwartz and Eleanor R. Wolff
Sheila E. Shea, GFWC International President 2016-2018
Colleen Shogan
Carrie Shokraei, RE/MAX Allegiance
Kathy Shupe
Marjorie Signer, Virginia NOW
Marian Simmons-St. Clair
Elizabeth Anne and Richard Simpson
Maryann R. Simpson, In Honor of Lauren and Jennifer Simpson
Jennifer Smith Bio Forensics Consulting, LLC
The Honorable Olympia Snowe, US Senate
Art & Nene Spivy
Anne Sterling, League of Women Voters of VA*
Scott Sterling
Elizabeth Stevens
Sally Strackbein
Karla Strand
Suffield Woman’s Club
Scott Surovell
Margaret Swallow
Bonnie Taylor
Texas Instruments Foundation
Linda Thomas
Evelyn P. Tomaszewski, in honor of my amazing Grandma – Barbara Eliser – and her four trailblazing daughters Catherine, Anna, Evelyn, and Emma (my mom); and to the many brave women who paved the way
Dr. Sandra Treadway, TPSM Honorary Board
Monica Tressler-Chandler
Pamela Troutman
Patricia Tun, In honor of Emma Bugbee, suffragist, journalist, hero (1888-1981)
University of Virginia
The van Breda family in honor of Adriana van Breda
Victorian Society In America, Falls Church
Katherine Ward
The Honorable Vivian E. Watts
Christine Webber
Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.
DebiJo Wheatley
Martha Wheelock
Grace White
Mike & Libby Wiers
Patricia Williams
Roberton Williams, in Memory of Betty Marie Bishop Williams, who worked tirelessly to improve women’s lives
Ruth Williams
Gregory Wilson, In memory of Lorayne Easter (Shumway) Wilson
David Wirth, Patricia Depew Wirth and Linda Depew in Loving Memory of Jean Carruba Depew
Dona Wolf
Wolf Run Foundation
The Woman’s Club of Arlington
The Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove
Woman’s Club of Danbury/New Fairfield
The Woman’s Club of Enfield
Woman’s Club of Manassas
The Woman’s Club of Woodbury
Women Suffrage Centennial Celebration and Chorus
Holly Wright
Jeanne Zabel
Zonta Club of Fairfax County
Zonta Club of Houston
Zonta International District 2

Speaker ($500 or more)

Regan Aduddell, Dedicated to Charles and Mary Love
The Honorable Dave Albo
Lynn Alsmeyer-Johnson
Candace Anderson
Gerald and Edith Anderson
Army Officer’s Wives’ Club
Alice Bartelt
Lucienne Beard, In honor of Alice Paul
Carolyn Berrigan
Mary Ann Bier, AAUW Alexandria
Pat Calarco-Isaacson, In honor of Edith Peter Sillia Mayp
Melissa Chabot
Clifton Community Women’s Club
Vicki Cole*
Penny Colman
Constance T. Cordovilla
Kathy Cox
Paula Smith Elsey, Historical Society of Fairfax County*
Lucinda and Lars Florio
Patricia “Trish” Foshee
Doris Gainer*
GFWC Amherst Junction Women’s Club
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Connecticut Northwest District
Mary Catherine Gibbs
Molly Gimmel*
Bev Gray
Charlene Gross
Ellen Guillen
Galina Hamlett
Sondra Seba Hemenway, Seba Hemenway Enterprises*
Kathleen Holmes, VWAA*
Nancy Hopkins
John Houser, NVRPA
Mary Houska, League of Women Voters Montgomery Co. Va.*
Betty Jacob, The BRJ Group, LLC
Daniel Kaseman
Margaret “Peggy” Knight
Connie Koenenn
Gerie Kruchko
League of Woman Voters of Idaho
Lee Perkins, Virginia NOW
Lions Club of Falls Church Charities
William Timothy Love
William Love and Ruth Love
Therese Martin, League of Women Voters Virginia, League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area*
Patricia McCarthy, Parade
Stephanie McCleod
Irene McGhee
Patricia Mueller, In Honor of GFWC-Wisconsin
Carolyn Muir
Cass Mullen
Alison and Andrew Mullins
National Society Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America
Kathleen Nelson
New York Life Insurance
Ginny Peters*
Prince William Area LWV Virginia
Patty Reed
Kathleen Ritchie
Lucinda Robb
Donna Weyh Roberts
Steve Roberts In honor of Cokie Roberts
Biow Russ Fidelity Giving Fund, In Memory of Nanelle D. Russ
Lisa Sales
Mary Elizabeth Schilling, In Honor of the Putt Sisters, Lorna Lee, Angie Lou, Ellen, Peggy Ann, and Mary Elizabeth
Harold L. Smith
Cheryl Spohnholtz
Whitney Stohr*
Barbara Strother*
Sussex County Women’s Democratic Club
Glen Towle
Barbara Tuset
Genevieve J. Walker
Workhouse Arts Foundation
Benjamin Zuhl

Suffragist ($250 or more)

Janice Abbott
Brigadier General Clara Adams-Ender, USA Ret., CAPE Legacy Fund
Rob Airaghi
Linda Alexander
Gale Allen
American Association of University Women – Reston 
Aspire Ascend
Moya Atkinson
Regan Avery*
Emily Baker
Susan Bardenhagen
Donna Beard
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Cynthia Bhatnagar, Fairfax County Commission for Women
Clara Bingham
Nicki Birch
Byron Black
Linda Black
Judi Blaine-Stewart
Frank and Jane Blechman, Wolf Run Shoals Foundation*
Jean Ann Bolling*
Marjorie Burdetsky
Anthony Buscema
Gayela Bynum
Madalyn Cafruny
JoAnn Calnen
Capital LLC
Jean Card
City of Fairfax Commission for Women
Helen Clark
Marcia Clarke
Eleanor Clift, Daily Beast*
The Honorable Barbara Comstock
Virginia Cowles, League of Women Voters of the Richmond Metropolitan Area*
Jeanne Crowfoot
Melissa Currence
Mary Elizabeth Cutting, MD
Kathleen Danskin
Kimberly Deal
Barry & Betty Dean*
Louis DeFalaise
Linda M. Depew
Didlake, Inc.
Deborah Dodd, American Association of University Women
Lorraine Domenech, In Honor of My Daughter, Jillian Domenech
Diana Donnelly-Roberts*
Katherine Durack
Paula Ann Elsey
Andrea Fabian
Geri Falek
Hulyn Farr, In honor of Eileen Monahan and Lena Baumgartner
The Honorable Eileen Filler-Corn
Cathy & Richard Freedberg
The Honorable Signe V. Friedrichs
Kari Galloway, Friends of Guest House
Daniel Gamache and Teresa Pasquine
Deborah G. Gandy
Brenda Gardiner, Fairfax County Government
Linda Garvelink
Catherine Gates
Rebecca Geller
Miriam Gennari
Jane George, League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area
GFWC MA Junior Membership
GFWC Marta’s Cruisin’ Juniors
Hope Gibbs
Elaine Gibson
Priscilla Godfrey
C. Helen Goff
Janet Gorn
Allyson Gould
Kathleen and Cort Gunther
Rob Hartwell
Maureen Healy
Nancy Lee Hendricks, League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area*
Holmes & Costin, PLLC
Ann Johnson
Mary Johnson, SET International, Inc.
Harry Jones
Amy Kegley
Catherine Kennedy
Rosemary E. Kley
Stella Koch*
League of Woman Voters of Morgan County
League of Woman Voters of Pocatello
Marilyn Leitner  
Carolyn Lyons, In honor of Regan Aduddell
Nancy M. MacKenzie
The Honorable Dave Marsden, Virginia Senate
Thomas McCoy
Kathryn McDonnell
Elizabeth Megginson In memory of Cleo Megginson
Conrad Mehan, Envirosolutions, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller
Susan Miller
Gail A. Minnick and Virginia Reed
Monroe’s Restaurant
Mary Monteschio
Gerry Moore
Robbie Morris, Mt Vernon Democratic Committee
The Honorable Kathleen Murphy
Stanley Mushaw and Laura Feld-Mushaw
Sheila Musselman
Miriam Nasuti
Heather Ness
Douglas Newcomb, Special Libraries Association
Linda Newell
New School of Northern Virginia
Nichols Zauzig Sandler PC
Gordon Olson
Mary Grace O’Malley*
Jane Pacelli, League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area
M. Ann Parham
James Park, In Loving Memory of Jennie Bradley Roessing, Suffragist
Caroline Pickens, American Association of University Women
Carol Proven
PT Group Acquisition LLC
Sherry Quirk
Kathryn Ray
Cheryl-Ann Repetti
Gregory Riegle, McGuireWoods LLP
Penelope S. Roberts
Robinson Secondary School
Rebecca Roser
Carolyn Rude, League of Women Voters Montgomery County, VA
Monica Russ, In memory of Nanelle Davis Russ
Jill Sabatine
Kimberly Salter
Tim Sargeant, Community Relations, Dominion
Eleanor Saslaw
Stephanie Scarola
Mary Schuster-Walker
Lisa Schwartz
James Scott, Virginia House of Delegates
Susan Sheats, EHN
Miriam Greiner Simmons
Southeast District of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Connecticut
Anne Spear, Anne and John Spear Charitable Fund
Ava Spece
Linda Sperling
Jane H. Sprague
Lois Stanton
Seth Stark
Julie M. Statland
Kate Campbell Stevenson, In Memory of Alice Paul
The Honorable Daniel Storck
Susan Tarley, In honor of my daughter, Erika Tarley, my mom, Elise Bradford, and my mother-in-law, Mary Tarley
Jane Touchet
Margaret Truman
Kate Upton
Adriana van Breda
Holly Wallace
Washington-Lewis Chapter, NSDAR
David Watts
Virginia Wells
Byron Whipple
Katherine White, In honor of all the women fighting for the ERA in Virginia
Woman’s Club of Fairfax
Sandra Wilkinson
Dina Willner
The Woman’s Club of Merchantville

Advocate ($100 or more)

Shellie Abel
Ellen and Mark Abramson
Katherine Adams
Diane E. Addante
Gail Ailor, Women’s Council of REALTORS
Hailey Aldreth
Chris Ambrose
American Association of University Women
American Association of University Women – Alexandria
American Association of University Women – Arlington
American Association of University Women – Ashburn
American Association of University Women – Greater
American Association of University Women – McLean 
American Association of University Women – Norfolk
American Association of University Women – Woodbridge
American Association of University Women – Wytheville
Sara Anderson, American Association of University Women*
Kerri Anderson-Czerkas
Constance D. Andre
Nancy J. Anwyll
Clifford Appel
Cathleen Arch
Barbara Archibald
Katherine Armstrong
Marilyn Artus
Bryan Ashby
Michele C. Aubry
Nancy Jane C. Bains
Brenda Baker
Priscilla Baker
Gratia Barnett
Emily Barrosse
Tobi Bear
Mike Beaty
The Becks
Amy Bennett
The Honorable Elizabeth Bennett-Parker
Brenda Benzar
Sonya Berg
Patricia Bevis, In memory of Dianne Parrish
Mahjooba Naim Bianchi
Madalin Bickel, 2016-2018 GFWC Virginia WHRC Chair
Allison Binder
Cemile T. Bingol
Anna Bittner
June Blalock
Mary Blanchard
Nancy Bleeker
P. A. Bobbs
Annie Bolger
Catharine Bontrager
Kathy Booklessff
John Bornmann
John Boylan
The Honorable Jennifer Boysko
Amy Brandts, Symphony Financial
The Steven G. Brooks and Ann Loar Brooks Gift Fund
Karrina Brown
Marcia B. Buchanan*
The Honorable Sharon Bulova, Board of Supervisors
Georgellen Burnett
Douglas and Frances Burnette
Michael Byrnes
McQuade Byrum
California Pizza Kitchen
Leslie Campana
Robert Cappuccio
Delegate Betsy B. Carr
Ann Carstensen
Margaret Ann Cary
Renee Chanon
Elizabeth Chenier, In Honor of Margaret Knight
Rebecca Childhelp In honor of Edyth DeSpain, June Ream and Charlotte Ream Cooper
Priscilla Chism
Mary Anne Christie
Susan Clark
Wendy Cleland-Hamnett
Elizabeth Clements
Charles Cleveland
Irma Clifton, Workhouse Foundation
Lynn Cline
Elena Coates
Patti Cochran
Susan Cochran, League of Women Voters Anne Arundel
Pauline Coderre, In memory of Rose Dienstfriend Glander, Beatrice Kleiman and Pauline Kleiman
Helen Cole
June Colilla
John Cooper
Sharon L. Cory
Jill Cosgrove
Countryside Women’s Club
Nancy Coursen
Shauna Courtney
Eileen Curtis
Shane Czerkas
Sherry Dana
Maureen Danskin
Suzanne Danskin
Karen Darner
Luanne Davis, All courageous women of the world
Nancy Davis
Rebecca Davis-Nord*
Lois Dean
Democratic Women’s Club E. Hartford
Christine DeRosa
Lois De Vries
Esther Dickinson
Debra Diener
Lyn Dillies, In Memory of Lorraine Parsons
Josephine Domingues
David Donahue
Beverly Dowdey*
Mary Doyle
Ellen DuBois
Susangrace Dubose
Priscilla A. Dysart
Pamela Egan
Marian Egge
Pamela Elam
Marianne Elbertson
Doris Evens*
Debbie Farthing
The Honorable Barbara Favola, Virginia Senate
The Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations of Maryland
Joan Feerick
Paul Fellinger
Kathy Felton
Mina Fies
Margaret Fisher
Barbara Floyd*
For Book Ends (Wini Bruening)
Jan Forte
Fort Loudoun Chapter DAR
Joan Fowler
Amy Fox
Tina Fox
Candy Friedlander
Friends of the Alexandria Commission for Women
Friends of Burke Center Library
Cassie Gabriel
Michael Galope
Denise Ganucheau, League of Women Voters
Audrey C. Gardiner
Karen Gautney
Paula Geurrein
GFWC Four Corners
GFWC Gun Lake Area
GFWC Keystone AOK
GFWC-Mississippi Federation of Women’s Clubs
GFWC Southwest Regional Women’s Club, CO
GFWC Woman’s Club of Emerson
General Federation of Womens Clubs of Vermont
Mary Catherine Gibbs, VWAA/Fairfax Commission for Women
Amy Gignilliat
Edith Gill
Tracy Gillespie, In honor of Lynne Garvey-Hodge
Debbie Glaser, Reenactor*
Leonard Goldstein
Laura Gordon
Carolyn Gore-Ashe
Marie A. Gozzi
Wendy F. Grage
Shannon Gravng
Marita Green
Susan Green*
Marena Groll*
The Honorable Penelope Gross
Catherine Gruber
M. Guerrein
Karen Haas*
The Haddon Fortnightly
Judy Hall
Taney Hamill
Mary C. Hammond
Steven Hantzis
Page Harrington
Polly Harrison
Ortrud Harsh
Diane Haworth
Brian Heintz
Helmich Roanoke Valley
Rebecca Henderson
Agnes Hite
Katherine Hoffman
Elisabeth Holmes*
Frederick S. Holmes, Jr
Kathy Holmes
Barry K. and Patricia A. Hood
Donna Hosang
Mary Ann Hovis
Laurie Howick
Charles Huckins
The Honorable Catherine Hudgins, Fairfax County, Board of Supervisors
Kay Hudnall
Ann Hughes
Mary Hughes, In Memory of Lorraine Alice Stoeckel Hoggay and Anna Schwolow Stoeckel Tesch
Ann Huston, In Honor of Connie Hendershott
Hyland for Supervisor
Lana Ingram
Iron Jawed Angels
Sheila Iskra*
Ginger Jabs
Joan Jackson
Evette Jaeger
Jeanie Jew, Fairfax Commission for Women, Springfield
Deborah Jewell Schumann
Pamela Jewett-Bullock
Greg Johnson
Linda Johnson, In honor of the wonderful women in my life: Mom, Grandma and Nana; In honor of my grandmothers, Norma and Beryl
Mary H. Johnson Trust
Nan Johnson*
Mary V. Johnson
Ann L. Johnston
Lynne Jones
P. Quinnatt Jones
Holly Joseph
Eva Juncker, Zavos Juncker Law Group PLLC
Libby K
Savannah Kaiser
Sandra Kao
John Karl
Peggy M. Kaufman
Grace Keenan
Barbara Kenefake
Robbie Kennedy, Riverside (CA) Women’s Club
Sandy Kirkpatrick
Robert Kitchen
Leigh S. Kitcher
Teresa Klimm*
Richard Knapp and Dr. Margaret J. (Hancock) Knapp
Stella Koch
Koch–Belmont-Sewall Tour
Sunu Kodumthara
Marsha Komandt
Geraldine Kruger
The Honorable Rob Krupicka
Linda Kuehne
Jerrold and Christie Kuhn
Nancy Kula
June Kuprijanow
Carole Lambert
Celeste Land
Raymond and Elizabeth Langston
Catherine La Tour
Lesley Lavalleye
Fae Ann Lawson
League of Woman Voters of Baltimore County
League of Women Voters of Bozeman
League of Women Voters of Deerfield
League of Women Voters of Iowa
League of Woman Voters of La Grange
League of Woman Voters of North Portage County
League of Women Voters of Norwood
League of Women Voters of the Roanoke Valley
League of Woman Voters of West Virginia Inc
Jennifer Lefere
Elizabeth Legenhausen
Helen and Richard Leino, In Honor of Her Mother, Jackie Pickett
Jean Lentz
Frank Leone
Judith Levine
Suzanne Levy
Sue Ann Lewine
Claudia J. Lewis*
Charriele Liffery
Eryn Lindsey*
Phyllis Liner
Mary Lipsey
Bonnie Little
Ranae Little, In Honor of Her Dad, Earl Kitemiller
Kathleen Lloyd
Shelly Logar
Mario Lucero
Denise Mack, In Honor of Her Granddaughters
Littlebig Media
Margaret Lliteras
Molly Lynch
Dorothy J. Madore
Claudine B Malone
Sarah Maloney
Judy Perry Martinez
Jane Materna
James McAtamney, In honor of Lynn Garvey-Hodge
Michelle McCall
Joy McConnell
Jeanne McCoy
Teresa McDonough
The Honorable Andrea McGimsey
Bettina McGimsey
Kellie McKeown*
Roseline McKinney
Linda Jo McTeigue, In honor of Jeanette Vivian Dolny
Fran McWhorter*
Claire Meade
Susan Mekenney
Karen Mellon
Michael Messinger
Nancy Michaels
Stephanie Miley
Nancy C. Miller
Pat Miller
Patti Miller
Sally Miller, Girl Scout Troop 707
Frances Millhouser
Faith Monson*
Katharine Mooney
Joan Morgan
Kristina Morris
Patricia Morrisey
Jaleh Moslehi
Renee Mulholland
D. Ann Mullen
Barbara Murphy
Laura Murra
Elizabeth Mykietyn
Cynthia Nadler
Michael and Pam Nardolilli
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Big Cypress, Historic Chapter of Naples, Florida
Donna Naybor
Suzanne Nixon
Lucille M. Nolan
Raymund Nolan
Rita O’Connor, In honor of Esther Gelbard and all other NOW feminists who worked tirelessly for ratification
Nancy F. O’Day
Maggie Olson
Patricia O’Neill
Sharon Orenick
Bonnie Ozaki, In honor of her sister, Dorothy Leonie Davis Mason
Nancy Ottenritter*
Sharon Pandak and Joseph Flakne
Myrtis Parham
Rebecca Pariseau
Glenda Parsons
Julianne Paunescu
Jared Peatman
Laurie A. Perl
Joan Pennington
Francie Pepper, In memory of Katherine Bement, Helen, Charlotte Davis
Kimberley Person
Sandy Peterson
Robin Phillips
Denise Pierce
Jane Pierson
The Honorable Ken Plum
Joan Porte
Elsa Porter
Boyd Post
Elaine Potichny Cash
Catlin Power
Susan Preberowsky
Kathryn Prescott*
Elizabeth Pugin
Debra Push, In Support of Patricia Wirth
Eleanor Quigley
Elizabeth Quist
Brenda Radford
Sunitha Raghunath
Michelle Randall
Candace Rankin
Catherine Read
Catherine Reese
Mary Beth Rich
Marjory Richards Member of GFWC-Gun Lake Area
Laura Richardson
Jane M. Robinett
Deb Robison, History Commission
Glennie Rohelier
Liz Roslewicz
Rotary Club of Vienna, Virginia
Mary Rouvelas, In Honor of Betsy Griffith
Patricia Rublein
Wanda Ruffin
Karen H. Russell 
Heather Sanders
Katie Sargent
Ann B. Sauberman
Marie Saucier
Susan Scanlon, Women’s Research and Education Institute
Anne Schell
Dee Schmidt
Eleanor D. Schmidt
Mary Schueler
Sarah Schultz, Barnes and Noble
Victoria Schwartz
Nancy Scott
Susan Seidler
Paula Seward
Bonnie Sewell, Dedicated to Carol Ashby
Joan Sharp
Clare Sheridan
Anna Jean Shivar
Cathy Shwaery
Maura Sleevi*
Kate Smith
Kathleen Smith
Charles Sneiderman
Soroptimists International
Nicholas Soto
South San Francisco Women’s Club
Catherine Spears
Kay Spence
Kristina Spitler
Springfield Annandale Brand of AAUW
Kathryn Squires
Maria Stanfield
Michelle Stanko
Tamera Stanton
Sharon E. Stark
Marjorie Starling*
Dale Staub, In honor of the female spirit
Heidi Steiber
Katherine Stevenson, In memory of Lucy Burns
Julia Stewart, In Memory of Agnes Cofell
John Struck*
Robin Suomi
Barbara Surovell
Jean Sweeney
Helen Swies
Margaret Szczepaniak
Mervina Szuba
Julia K. Tanner
Sandra Tarpinian
Andrea Teague
Cecilia Thomas
Debbie Thomas
Susan Thompson
The Honorable Patsy Ticer, Virginia Senate
Ann Timmons
Eileen Tirpak
Lee Tirpak
Joanne Tompkins
Brigitta Toruno
Leslie Tourigny
Dorian Traynham
Trehan Foundation
Anne E. Trotter
Elizabeth Tudan
Therese Tuley
Christina Umberger
Susan Unger
Laura Valentine, In Honor of Margaret Szczepaniak
Annie Valliere
Dr. Jeanne Van Divinder and Dr. Scott Buell
Patricia Van Kirk
Beth VanStory
Mary Vaughan
Maria J. Vorel
Jill Waters
Sudie Watkins
Claire Weaver
Lynn Webb, In Memory of Johanna Mohlenhoff Fischbeck
Cornelia Weiss
Diane Weller
Christine Westerman
Paula Weston
Ann Wheeler, Prince William LWV
Susan White-Meece
Barbara Wien
Leslie Wileman, In honor of Elisabeth Griffin
Penelope Wilhelm
Natalie Wilkerson, Because we love Mom/MIL, Mimsey Beanee Poo, Happy Mother’s Day
Sallie Williams
Sandra Williamson
Alison Wilson, League of Women Voters Montgomery County, VA
Michael Wimmer
Windsor Woman’s Club of CT & GFWC
The Woman’s Club of Fairfax
Woman’s Club of Laurel
Women of Reform Judaism Mid-Atlantic District
Jane Woods
Nancy Wulf
Ann C. Yahner
Tom Young
Susan Younts-Shepard
Margaret Yowell
Laura Zabriskie Martin
Jill Diane Zahniser
Juliana Zoto Efessiou’s
Teresa Zutter

Contributor ($50 or more)

Rob Abbot, Office of Delegate Mark Keam
Shelley Adler
Carrie Ahrens
Cynthia Akuetteh
Karen Alderman, In Honor of the Women in My Family
Alexandria Retired Teachers Association
Barbara Allen
Katherine Alley
Zorina Alliata
Francisca Alonso
Alpha Delta Kappa Virginia Chapter Alpha Delta Kappa Virginia Chapter
AFCU–American Association of University Women of 
American Association of University Women – Harrison
American Association of University Women – Mt. Vernon
American Association of University Women – Springfield
Anne Andrews
Peggy Archibald
Bonnie Arthur
Marcie Atkins
Carol Avery*
Neera Badhwar
Barbara Bannon
George Barker
Kathy Batkin, American Association of University Women
Betty Baumgartner
Mary Ann Beall
Kristin Beltz
Kathleen Bengali, American Association of University Women Frederick, MD
Cheri Bennett
Ruth Bennett
Barbara Bennison, Long & Foster Realtors
Erica Benson, In Honor of Alice & June, my daughters
Beth El Sisterhood
Carrie Biggs-Adams, NABET-CWA
Susan Bivins
Karen Bopp
Dianne Blais, American Association of University Women
Boise Unitarian Universalist Verge Group
Yasmine Bonilla
Anne K. Brennan
Kimberly Brannon
Jacqueline Brown
Sandra L. Brown
Scott Buchan
Angelea Bukovskey
Pat Buteux
Susan Butler
Wanda Butler
Leslie Byrne
Marianne Candido
Virginia B. Caress
Ann Carlson
Pat Carlton
Carlos Carpi
Barbara Carver
Helen M. Cassidy
Joe Chenier, In Honor of Peggy Knight
Melissa Chenier, In Honor of Margaret Knight
Grace H
Frances Cichowski, Dedicated to Jennifer La Duke, a modern suffragist, Happy Mother’s Day
John Clark
Mary Jane Cochrane
Cynthia Cohen
Marlene Collins
Colonial Republican Women’s Club
Nancy Comiskey
Tula Connell
Linda Crafton
Margaret Crosbie-Burnett and Jan & Dorothea Crosbie-Taylor
Sandra Cushner
Dorothy Dane
Ellen Daniels
Leslie Karen Darner, Arlington League of Women Voters (Virginia)
Audrey Davis
Kathryn Davis
Jennifer DeAnna
Charlene Deasy, Potomac Home Economics
Elizabeth Demarest
Kathryn DiGiorgio
Marie E. Di Matties
G.W. Detty
Sarah Dickens
Irene Diveris
Nona Driscoll
Anne C. Dryden
Joanne Eaglet
Susan P. Earls
Ingrid Eckstrand
John Egan
Erika Elvander
Lucretia Erickson
Sandra Evans
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Christine Faia
Bonny Fahy
Nina Farber
Virginia Federici
Victoria Flanagan
Julie Ann Floyd
Bonnie Franklin, League of Women Voters Virginia
Freddie Mac Matching
Katharine Freeman
Rey Garcia
George Mason University Foundation
Christine Gettings, American University
GFWC Dominion Woman’s Club
GFWC Illinois Federated Womens Club of Greater Belleville
GFWC Maine Northern District
GFWC Mammoth Lakes (CA) Woman’s Club
GFWC Woman’s Club of Greenfield
GFWC-WI Lakeshore District
Timothy Gianndrea
Anna Gilreath
Amanda Goehring
Patricia Goldman
Brian Goldstein, Fettmann, Tolchin & Majors Law Firm
Pablo Gonzalez
Lisa Kathleen Graddy, Smith, Dep Chr, Div of Pol & Ref
Kate Graham, In honor of Alice Paul
Gayle Gray
Amy Hileman
Hope Hockaday
Brinda Hollywood
Hadley Hunter Hawks
The Honorable Gerry Hyland, Fairfax County, Board of Supervisors
Tom Hamilton
Marcia Hanson, Supervisor Gerry Hyland
Arianne Hartsell
Melissa Henry
Dorothy Hirt
Amelia Holstein, In honor of all the women who struggled
Wilma Hommel
Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church of College Park Md.
Nancy Houghtby-Haddon
Nancy Houser
Dorothy Hurt
Rebecca Hutchings
Barbara Irvine
Janet Irwin
Suzanne Jaschik
Carolyn Jenkins
Barbara Jones
Carol D. Jones
Deborah Joyce
Jay and Francine Jupiter In Honor of Our Daughter, Karen, and Granddaughters, Ella and Lina
Karen Kabat
Sindre Kaspersen
The Honorable Mark Keam
Carol Kearney
Marguerite Kearns
Susan Keenan
Barbara Kelty
Danielle Kenny
Gayle E. Kent, In memory of Susan Elaine Whiteman Berry Cramer
Vijay Khetarpal
Lucy King
Lili Knighton
Kristin Koblis
Theresa Koger
Annette Koklauner
Anna Kostelni
Kim Kostyal
Mona Lena Krook
Noreen Krueger
Laurie Labrecque, In Memory of Alice Douglas Labrecque
Sylvia Lagerquist
Elizabeth LaManna
Laurel New Century Club
Maria Lauron
C.B. Lavoie
S. Lawrence
Diana Le
League of Women Voters
League of Woman Voters of Highland Park
League of Woman Voters of Trumbull County
Judith Legard
Jane Leibbrand
Karen Kay Leonard
Paula Lettice
Barbra Lewis Green
Jeannette List
Betty Littlejohn, in memory of Dianne Cecelia Parrish
Kathleen Lochner
Thomas Loftis
Mary Lopez
Gary Lucas
Patricia Luna
Eileen Lynch*
Elizabeth Lynch, In honor of her mothers, her daughters and her granddaughter
Susan MacDonald, Dedicated to the women who fought for this…that we should honor all their struggles and votes, Ellevate Women’s Networking
Patricia Maclay
Nancy Magnuson
Ann Malcolm
Linda Maldonado
Katie Mangione
Gayle Mapp
Evelyn Marr Glazier
Doris McAdams, In memory of Dianne Parrish
Maureen McAvey-Pappas
Neal McBride
Kay McCormack and Laura Kadlecek
Genie McCreery
Laurie McDonald
Marian McLaughlin
Ruth Miller
Amy Monk
Karen Moore
Judith Morenoff
Christine Morin
Christine Mougin-Boal, Ritenour Paice & Mougin-Boal
Carol Mournighan
Mary Ann Moxon
Kathryn Murphy
Barbara Naef
Deborah Nagy
Joyce Namde
Marilyn Naylor
Northern Virginia Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter
NSDAR Monguagon, Michigan Chapter
Susan Ross O’Brien
Nancy Oday
William H. Odum
Michael O’Grady
Anya Olsen
Denise Pardi, Dedication: All women being equal
Donna Petruska
Silvana Nani
Carol Noggle
Jennifer Oh
Catherine Packard
Jean Packard
Carol Parowski
Susan Parker
John Parks
Jody Passafume, In Memory of Susan D. Satkamp, former co-owner of The Amargi Center, a Wellspring for Women
Betty J. Phillips
Kathleen Pietriewicz, Tours by Kay, LLC
Barb Pickering
Catherine Polanski
Bernice Porrazzo
David Post
Patricia Quick, American Association of University Women
Mary Ragusa
Randy Reed
Katherine Reinsdorf
Rachel Rifkind
Brian Roberts
Muriel Roberts
Lori Rocker, GFWC
Sylvia Rogers
Rebecca Ross
Donald Rothacker, Grace Arts & Press Inc.
Geraldine Rozie
David Scheim, League of Women Voters Montgomery County, VA
Nancy Schmidt
Abby Schwartz
Arlene Shapiro, AAUW Alexandria
Sherrie Shaw
Kelly Sheridan, In Honor of all Delaware Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote
Jennifer Silk
Nancy Simmons
Linda Simms
Leona C. Smidt
Julianne Smith
Todd Smyth
Linda Snider
Jill Snyder
Sandra Sommer
Elissa Spinner
Rose Stark
Elizabeth S. “Betsy” Stephens
Lorna Stoddard
Midge Strand
Cynthia Stranis
Kathy Strauss, imagewerks
Celeste M. Stroh
Jessica Strother
Carlotta Studebaker
Suburban Woman’s Clubs of South Plainfield, NJ
Elaine Sullivan
Tallmadge League of Women Voters
Mary Ann Tavery
Kathleen Taylor
Cheryl Terry
Margie Tompros
Patty Tracy
Virginia Turner
Linda Ulrich-Hagner
Tamsin Van Hoozer
Rima Vesilind
Mary Sue Vickers
Margaret Volpe
Elizabeth S. Von Holle
Susan Weber
Gail Weigl
Sandra Weiss
West Essex Woman’s Club
Maureen A.  White
Una White
Jan W. Whiteley
Francis Williams
Winston Knolls Home & Garden
Woman’s Club of Belleville
Pamela Wright
Janet Young
Rebecca Young-Marquardt
Barbara Zadina
Keriann Zolman

Supporter ($20 or more)

Stephanie Abbott
Leann Abel
Kathleen Abernathy
Juanita Acha
Joanne McCaffrey Albero
Catherine Allen
American Association of University Women – Smith M
American Association of University Women – Virginia
Michaela Amos
Mary Ellen Andrea, In honor of future women movers and shakers like my daughter
William S. Andrews, In honor of Thomas Cash
Natasha Atkins
I. Coleen Austin, in memory of Dianne Parrish
Martha K. Baker
Sally Barclay, In memory of Lisa K. Barclay
Annie Battee
Barbara Berenson
Denise Bernard, In Honor of My Grandmother, Mayme Houser
Marc Berte
Valerie Bey
Avis Black
Barbara Blaisdell
Marlene Blum
Donna Boe
Catherine Bowers
Margaret Boyne
Ann Braaten
Rebecca Brabrook
Sherrie Brady
Olivia Brand
Loren Brandman
David Bravender
Martha Brightsen
Darcy Brislin
Iris C. Marshall Brown
Nancy Waltz Brown
Rosemary Brown
Burke Presbyterian Church
Jerry Burk
Olga S. Burns
Kari Cannistraro
Carol Carroll
Cynthia Carter, Dedicated to Jean Esposito, Happy Mother’s Day
Janet Carver
R. Caudill
Philippa Centini
Beth Clark
J. Clark
Erica Clayton, In Honor of Her Mother Dr. Janice Reynolds
Anne B. Cockley
Laura Cohen
Missy Cohen-Fyffe
Nancy Comstock
Community Couples Club
Sally Crosen
Paula Cullison
Mary Beth Czernicki
Cherylann Davidson
Elizabeth Davy
Karla de Steuben
Michaelle Diehl
Jane Dieteman
Peggy Dillon
Christie Dinatale
Margaret Doyle
Eileen Driscoll, Member of GFWC/CT
Shannon Dubicki
Donna Durack
John D. Evans
Libby Everett
Aimee Falkum, In Memory of Grandmothers Blanche Simpson and Lillian Falkum
Falls Church Chapter DAR
Wanda Fears
Steve Felix, In Memory of My Mother Lorna Felix
Sharon Ferraro
Eleanor Fina
Fine Arts Club
Penny Fleming
Julie Floyd
Deborah Forczek
Anne Forrest
Janet Fox
Patricia Freed
Denise Freeland
Sonia Fuentes
William Gager
Linda Gautney
Dana Gay
GFWC Lake Butler Woman’s Club, Inc.
GFWC Legacy
GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club
General Federation of Women’s Clubs Walsenberg, Colorado
GFWC WV Bethany Woman’s Club
Susan Ghanem
Stephanie Golden
Elizabeth Goodman, BARN
Jan Gordon, In Memory of June Gordon
Mary Gotschall
Sally Ann Greer
Linda Griffin
Margaret P. Gupta
Kathy Hart
Arianne Hartsell-Gundy
Shyamali Hauth
Sherry Hawkins
Madge Helm
Marcia Helms
Amy Hendricks
Sharon Herbert
Gwen Herzog
K. Hoffman
Lisa Horowitz
Elaina Houser
Barbara Houston
Lisa Hylton
Evangelia Ifantides
Eileen Isola
Francesca Jacobini
Diane Java
Joan Jenkins, Hampton Branch
William Jennings
Shelia J-McClaney
Krysta Jones
Lynn Jordan
Teran Judd
Grace Karish
Diana Katz
Maura Keaney
Barb Kelley
A. Guinevere Kern (Kearns) and Edna Kearns
Victoria Kennedy
Marjorie Kirkel
Barbara Kirkland
Victoria Kjekstad
James Krebs
Heather Kuhaneck
Marilyn Kusiak
Kate Lacatell
Lane’s Mill Chapter, NSDAR
Suchada Langley
Beverly Larson
Beverly La Rock
Michele LaRue
Susan Laume
Joyce Lawrence
Janine Lawton
League of Women Voters Cass Co., IN
Raea Jean Leinster
Gabriella Leone
Barbara Lewis
Carol Linker, League of Women Voters Virginia
Neal Linson
Christine Love
Jacqueline Ly
Pat Lyddane
Lisa Malachowsky
Janice Martin
Lucinda Martinez
Jeanine Maruca
Maywood Woman’s Club
Elizabeth McAlee
Gwendolyn McIntyre
Miriam McKee
Dawn McKenzie
Mary Ann McNamara
Janel Merritt
Victoria Midgely
Ellen Miles
Patricia Mitchell
Anita M. Moore
Terri Morandi
Theresa Morris
Pam Mortenson, In Memory of Mammie Mortenson – Racine, WI
Vickie Myers
Ginger Nelles
Charles Norris
Sue O’Dell
Joanna Ormesher
Annette Paley
Karen Parelhoff
Claudia Parker
Amy Parks
Alyssa Pease
Robin Pedlar
Devan Perry
Susan Phillips
Diane Piper
Edwin Powell
Debra Pumphrey
Joe Frank Purcell
Briony Raymond
Eileen Reigert
Linda Rice, League of Women Voters Williamsburg
Katy Richards
Bonnie Rollins
Colleen Rooney
Norman Rosenberg
Jeanne Roslanowick
Yolanda Roussell
Jenny Rubin
Brittany Rutledge
Sharon Safran
Roseann Salasin
Linda Sanders
Catherine Sargent
Carolyn Sassano, Chapter AO PEO Sisterhood, McLean
Stephanie Schank
Rita Schooley
A. Phyllis Schroeder
Joan Sciorra
Laura Lyn Sears
Melinda Shelton
Anna Jean Shivar
Mark Sickles
Carla Silas
Kenneth Simmons, Dedicated to Roxie Simmons
Barbara Slinker
Deborah Smith
Della Smith, In Deepest Gratitude to All Those Brave Suffragettes.
Donald Smith
Donna Smith
Dierdre Smyrnos
Tamera Rose Snodgrass
Bradley Snowden, Tri State Chapter AFP
Eileen Soliman
Melody Soopper
Mary Ann Speakman
Beatrice Squire
Cherie Stafford
Susan Stewart
Marion Stillson
Darlene Streckfus
Esley Svanas
Catherine A. Swessel
Lauri Swift
Kathleen Sykes
Andrea J. Szondy
Helen Talley-McRae, In Memory of My Mother, Marie-Jeanne Martel Talley
Stacy Tatman
Dora Lee Taylor, Women’s Council of Realtors, Virginia
Kathryn Thomas in memory of Dianne Parrish
Thomas Nelson Chapter NSDAR
Linda Titanich
Judith Titterton
Victoria Tupman
Mary Tworek-Tupper
Kari Uman
Dorothy Vanderpool
Ann Veatch
Regina Vitolo
Maria Vorel
Mary Vranizan
Sue Ann Wallace
Abbie Wallschläger
Joanne Walton
Alis Wang
Robbin Warner, In Honor of Hanna Griff and Debz Zeff
Safari B. Wasserman
Mandi Wedin
Alice Weinstein
Lenore Weinstein
Marcy Wesalo
Ellen Wheeler
Kathryn Wick
Louise Wilkerson
Sha Williams-Hinnant
Mary Winer
Wines for Humanity, LLC
Martha Wolpert
Maria A. Wykowski
Catherine Wyler
Gwen Wyttenbach
Laura Yager
Yorktown Woman’s Club
Sharon Young
Robert Zimmerman
Zonta Club of USA-2

In-Kind Donors

The Anderson Company
Candice Bennett & Associates, Inc.
CCS Innovations, Bonnie Taylor
Chantel’s Bakery, Dennis Stanley
Compton & Duling LC, Maryse Allen, Esq.
Copy General, Laura d’All
Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce
The Engineering Groupe, Inc., Skip Groupe
Exhibit Edge Inc., Bev Gray
Fairfax County – Department of Public Works and Environmental Services: Urban Forest Management Division, Solid Waste and Recycling
Dr. Elisabeth Griffith, Historian
Melissa Harshman, Genealogist
Kathleen Holmes, Esq.
The IDI Group Companies, Carlos Cecchi
JP Events and Consulting, Tina Johnson
Edith Mayo, Historian
Michael C. Beaty, Photography
NOVA Parks, Founding Partner
Kathleen Pablo
Diane Olson
Mary Grace A. O’Malley, Esq.
Joan Pennington
Robert E. Beach Architects, LLC
Kathy Strauss, Photography
Universal Engineering Sciences
Vintage Renovation and Construction, Inc.
Virginia Task Force to Commemorate the Centennial Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote
VA WOMAN Magazine, Dorri C. Scott
Vulcan Materials Company
Jerry Wirth, CPA
Women in Business Committee, Tower Club
Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission – Founding Partner Provided Three Statues, Coordinated acquisition of Historic White House Fence

Other Charter Members

Kathryn Braeman*
Sandra Brandt*
Barbara Clemens*
Marylou Crouch*
Simone Fary*
Regina Finnegan*
Sally Allen Garrison*
Shannon Graving*
Roberta Heistercamp*
Laura Hills*
Libby Kavoulakis*
Christine Morris*
Nancy Ostrowski*
Margie Parsley*
Jo Singer*
Kathleen Spear*
Nancy Warren*