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Suffragists in Iowa

Lillian (Hall) Crowley, Des Moines: Member of the Votes for Women League and Iowa Equal Suffrage Association.

Pauline (Lewelling) Devitt, Oskaloosa: Vice-President and President of Iowa Equal Suffrage Association.

Ellen Foster, Clinton: Orator and Political organizer. She helped found the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. She was apronounced suffragist.

Elizabeth Huff, Des Moines: Participated in Watchfire demonstrations in 1919, jailed for five days.

Eunice Huff, Des Moines: Jailed for three days for applauding in court.

Effie (McCollum) Jones, Webster City:  An advocate for equal women’s voting rights and raised money for the suffrage cause.

Anna B Lawther, Oskaloosa: President of the Iowa Equal Suffrage Association