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Suffragists in Mississippi

Dr. Verina Morton Jones (1865-1943), Unknown City: Dr. Jones was a physician, suffragist, and clubwoman. After graduation from the prestigious Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1888, she became the first woman to pass the Mississippi medical exam and the first woman licensed to practice medicine in Mississippi.  After she married Walter Morton in 1890, she moved to Brooklyn where she co-founded a settlement house. Morton Jones was active in the National Association of Colored Women and fought for woman suffrage while she served as president of the Brooklyn Equal Suffrage League. Later, she served on Executive Board of the NAACP from 1913 to 1925.

Belle Kearney, Flora, Madison County: Suffragist in Mississippi and public speaker. Traveled and spoke all over the US for both temperance and suffrage. In 1924, she became the first female senator elected to the Mississippi legislature.

Nellie Nugent Somerville, Greenville: Already active in the temperance movement, which endorsed suffrage, she worked hard for suffrage. NAWSA sent oganizers to Mississippi, she accepted the presidency of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association. She worked closely with Kearney and Thompson.

Lily Wilkinson Thompson, Jackson: Active member of the Equity League of Jackson, Mississippi and the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association. She was a pioneer suffragist of Mississippi, one of a handful of women who went before State Legislature proposing a bill to give full suffrage to women.

Marion Bankston Trotter, Unknown City: President of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association.