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Suffragists in Washington

Emma Smith Devoe, Tacoma: President of the Washington Equal Suffrage Association, taking over the revival of the movement. Led effort to win voting rights in 1910, making Washington the 5th state. Convinced legislature to ratify 19th amendment in 1920.

Cora Smith Eaton, Seattle: Treasurer of the Washington Equal Suffrage Association. She co-authored a chapter of the organization’s book, Washington Women’s Cook Book, which was published in 1908. In 1909, carried a pennant that read “Votes For Women” to the summit of Mount Rainier.  

Helga Estby, Spokane: Active in the suffrage movement throughout her life. 

Sylvia Hunsicker, Seattle: She served as General Chairman of precinct workers, working closely with the Washington Equal Suffrage Association and other suffrage leaders in the state.

May Hutton, Spokane: Around 1906, member of the Spokane Equal Suffrage Club and first vice-president of the Washington Equal Suffrage Association. She became a well-known suffrage leader. Helped win suffrage in Washington state in 1910.